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Choosing a Sink Style

By October 27, 2016 Bathroom, Kitchen No Comments
Updating your kitchen or bathroom sink can change the look of the space and is a popular home renovation project. There are several styles to consider when choosing a sink including drop in, undermount, apron front, and vessel.
The most common is the drop-in sink, also called a top mount sink or self-rimming sink. It drops into a cut-out in the counter with the rim secured to the counter with adhesive and silicone. Drop in sinks are usually offered in sink-2more color choices and styles and are less expensive than undermount and apron style sinks.
An undermount sink is, as the name implies, mounted from underneath. It is mounted using an epoxy adhesive, silicone, and metal clips. The undermount sink works best with solid surface counters including granite, marble, or concrete.
Undermount sinks are generally heavier and more costly than drop in sinks. Since there is no lip or rim, the continuous flow is a nice design feature and allows for easy clean up by racking crumbs and debris directly into the sink.
apron-sinkAnother popular choice is the apron front or farmhouse sink. Farmhouse sinks have come a long way since Grandma’s day.
These popular sinks feature a wide decorative front and come in many sizes and made from a number of materials. The sink is supported on a base. The only hole that is need is for the drain.
The vessel sink is another choice. This is an above counter sink that is available in a number of shapes and styles. Vessel sinks are commonly used in modern bathrooms.
Sinks are made from a number of material. The stainless steel sink is the most popular. It is durable, lightweight, easy to clean, and comes in single and double sink models. Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean. They are also lightweight and easy to install.
Copper is another popular choice.
copper-sink2 Copper is quickly becoming a favorite in new home construction and remodeling due to its aesthetic appeal and antimicrobial qualities. Copper is recyclable, easy to maintain and eco-friendly. Van Dyke’s offers a wide selection of copper sinks in many styles including complete sink packages with faucet, drain, and care products included.
The fireclay sink is another option. Fireclay is made of liquid ceramic that is fired to create a durable material with smooth texture. It comes in a variety of colors to complement any decor. The nonporous material resists scratches and is impervious to bleach, tea, and stains. One major disadvantage is weight.
Supporting counter and base cabinets need to be modified to support the weight. These sinks usually require a wall osink-packager counter mounted faucet. The most popular style fireclay sink is the apron front.
Sinks also come in a number of configurations or basin styles. These include single basin, double basin, 25/75, 60/40, and triple bowl.
The choice of a faucet for 212602_ENVIROyour new sink is more varied than sink options. Faucets are wall or deck mounted and come in an array of styles and finishes. Common styles include single-hole, standard 8-inch spread, bridge style faucets, integrated pull out or pull down sprayer options.
Faucets come in one-handed, two-handed, and hands-free styles. The angle of the faucet also varies from straight to high arc or swan neck styles. High arc faucets are great for allowing posts and pans to be washed.
Faucets are offered in several finishes including brass, chrome, polished nickel, brushed nickel, bronze, and pewter. From Victorian to Modern, faucets come in any style to complement any design and decor.
Check out this excellent video from Sinkology on installing a drop-in stainless steel sink.


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