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Add Architectural Glass to Your Design

Architectural glass, also called textured or Glassseedy glass, is custom-cut patterned or color glass that adds beauty to your home decor. Architectural glass is imprinted with a decorative pattern at high temperature while still in a molten or malleable state.
This opaque glass lets light pass through while blurring visibility and adds a degree of privacy. Van Dyke’s now offers this stylish glass in over 90 textures ranging from subdued to dramatic.
Choose from frost-like, floraGlassl, ribbed, rippled, geometric patterns, and many more. Color glass is available in shades of amber, green, blue and red.
Uses of Architectural Glass
Architectural glass is commonly used in cabinets, hutches, and entertainments centers. It is also used to make an artistic statement as a partition, a decorative kitchen backsplash, glass shelving, and more.
The tinted glass can be used like stained glass for a decorative color accent. Use in cabinets and furniture or add a focal point in a transom style interior door often found in a Craftsman style home.
Architectural glass is sold by the square inch with maximum size of 20″ W  x 38″ H. Minimum order 144 square inches.



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