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Add a Coffered Ceiling to Your Home

A coffered ceiling brings a classic, elegant look to any room.
Coffered ceilings date back to the 7th century B.C.Dining Room In An Old House and graced European cathedrals and homes in Europe during the Renaissance and Baroque period of architectural style.
A coffered (box) ceiling is made up of box-like panels suspended from a grid to add depth and architectural interest. A coffered ceiling can also be made up of beams that connect with intersection pieces to create unique designs.
Once only found in the finest homes because of the cost and the tedious installation, this classic style is now available in polyurethane offering the same detail as wood, but is lighter weight and can be installed by anyone with basic DIY skills.
Van Dyke’s Restorers is now offering a polyurethane coffered ceiling system for a competitive price that can be installed by the homeowner without the need of hiring a costly contractor.
The ceiling components include urethane beams, cross-sections, and several styles of intersections, including:

Circular Intersection

  • circle
  • diamond
  • square
  • T-shaped
Coffered ceilings are not only beautiful, they give the appearance of spaciousness, and absorb sound.
Van Dyke’s also offers a selection of tin ceiling tiles.



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