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The Versatile Shelf Bracket

Shelf Bracket with Flower and Grapes
Decorative shelf brackets are one of the most versatile items for any home DIY project. Not only are they great for supporting shelves, they also have many decorative applications. They come in many styles from rustic to modern so you can make a design statement in any decor.
Decorative iron brackets are perfect for framing windows, doorways, pictures and art, or they can be used as supports for counter tops and cabinets. Use them in any room in the house from the garage to the kitchen; from the den to the craft room.
Wrought iron brackets are also great for use outside with many having a hook for hanging plants. These popular brackets come in many charming styles and are not only pretty but durable and functional.
Van Dyke’s Restorers has a nice selection of hooks with plant hangers to spruce up your porch or patio. Theses dual purpose iron brackets feature floral, birds, vines, leaves, butterflies, and classic scroll designs.
Van Dykes also offers a large selection of wooden brackets in many design styles from Victorian to Mission. Choose a simple design or a more ornate, hand carved bracket. We also offer one of the most extensive lines of decorative corbels to suit any design.

Brackets and CountertopsPlanthangar

Corbels have been used for generations on roof lines, under mantels, and for supporting counters, cabinets and many other applications.
When deciding how and where to hang your bracket, remember the strength and stability of the mounting support is as important as the strength of the bracket.
Mounting into drywall will require drywall anchors for added support. Mounting into concrete will require concrete anchors and screws.
Here are some tips for hanging a shelf bracket

Measuring Tips

1 – Determine a location to hang the shelf and measure horizontally and vertically.Measuring Tips
Mark with a pencil.
2 – Use a level to draw and straight line or use a laser level.
3 – Use a stud finder to locate a stud in the wall.
 4 – Place your bracket along your line and using a small level mark the holes for hanging the bracket.
5 – Drill a 1/8” pilot hole

Use a Level

6 – Place a level across the brackets.Screws
7 – Now drill the lower holes
8 – If drilling in sheet rock use drywall anchors to secure the brackets.
9 – Secure shelf to brackets with screws.

Metal Shelf


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