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Update Storm and Screen Door Hardware

By April 11, 2018 Hardware No Comments
With spring now in full swing across most of the country, it is a good time to consider replacing storm or screen door hardware.
Screen doors and storm doors provide increased light and visibility while giving an additional layer of security. Storm doors provide protection from rain, ice, and snow.
Screen Door Hinges

Adjustable Tension Screen Door Hinges.

Storm doors are made of wood, vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum and with proper maintenance will last for many years. Newer model storm doors are made of a foam-filled aluminum and available in a number of colors. They are lighter than traditional storm doors making for easier access particularly when carrying groceries or children.
Screen doors are more common in warmer regions with longer summers and less severe winters. Screen doors keep insects out and allow air to flow for ventilation. Combination storm doors have glass panels that can be changed to a screen in the summer months or dual sliding glass and screen panels.
Inspect your door storm or screen door hardware to make sure it is ready for the increased use in the summer months. Begin your inspection by checking the hinges. Weak or worn hinges can cause doors to sag and hang improperly. This prevents doors from swinging freely and can damage door frames.
Knob To Lever

Knob To Lever Screen Door Latch With Round Plates

Choose door hinges specifically manufactured for storm or screen doors. Van Dyke’s Restorers offers a number of great styles and sizes to complement any design style from Primitive to Traditional to Victorian. Choose from cast iron, solid brass, or steel in several distinctive finishes to coordinate with any decor. Models with adjustable spring tension (pictured above) keep doors from slamming shut.
Whether you need a complete door knob set or a simple pull, changing them out will add a decorative look and added safety. Knob sets come in a wide choice of styles with long plates or rosettes and choices of lever style or round knobs. Restorers Victorian and Eastlake handle sets give a vintage appeal while plain round knobs and levers provide a more traditional look.
Changing a pull handle is a quick and easy way to update the look of the door. Handles come in an endless variety of sizes, styles, metals, and finishes. Popular options include Rustic, Colonial, Warwick, Gothic, Victorian, and Traditional.
Door Set

Acorn Knob To Lever Hydraulic Storm Door Latch Set

The Acorn Knob to Lever Hydraulic Storm Door  Latch Set from Van Dyke’s includes everything needed to update a storm door including surface mount hinges, hydraulic closer and complete knob and lever latch set. This iron set has a Black Powder Coat finish for a classic look that complements any decor.
Non-locking screen doors with handle sets can be secured with a rim lock or surface bolt. Restores has a good selection of rim locks in choice of styles and finishes.
Surface slide bolts will keep your door secured and are available in several styles. Van Dyke’s offers several sizes of surface slide bolts from top companies like idh specifically designed for storm and screen doors.
Send us pictures of your finished door hardware makeovers and we will post them on our social media.

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