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Brass Claw Feet and Toe Caps

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Brass Claw Feet and Toe Caps are decorative metal covers that fit over the feet of furniture legs.
They were popular on furniture during the Federal period (1780-1820) and again in the Colonial Revival era (1880-1940).

The furniture design is most often credited to Scottish-born American cabinetmaker Duncan Phyfe (1768-1854).
Today, furniture makers create reproductions of the famous Duncan Phyfe design with classic curved legs and metal toe caps.

Toe Cap Styles
The toe caps or claws resemble brass animal claws, with the lion’s paw the most notable. Other toe caps have smooth or grooved surfaces that add protection for the toe while adding a distinctive, elegant accent.

Where to Order and How to Measure

Van Dyke’s offers several styles and sizes of these highly-sought after toe caps. The authentically reproduced caps are made of stamped or cast brass in Polished Brass and Antique Brass finishes.

Measuring for proper fit requires taking several interior and exterior measurements as shown in the diagram in this article. Caps should fit snuggly, but caps should be ordered slightly larger than your measurements.

Order authentic reproduction toe caps here:

Measuring Furniture Toe Caps

 Interior Top Width
 Interior Bottom Width
 Interior Height
 Bottom Length




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